Welcome to the website of the parish church of St Stephen, South Dulwich in South East London, England. St Stephen’s is a parish church of the Church of England, and aims to be a broad and inclusive church valuing formal liturgy, challenging preaching, and fine music but aiming also to serve its community and parish.  We are striving to make Christ’s presence real in our community. Our postal address is: St Stephen’s Church College Road SE21 7HN Telephone: +44 20 (or from the UK 020) 8693 3797 E-mail: ParishOffice@ststephensdulwich.org

Thought for the week.

Easter can be a noisy affair. At the Easter vigil there is a point when we will shout Alleluia! Suddenly switch on all the lights, and make as much noise as we can. Then a huge organ fanfare will announce that we shall sing the Gloria again for the first time since Lent began. Easter hymns are loud and joyful. And this is right: Easter is the happiest season of the Church’s year. We celebrate because Jesus Christ has conquered the powers of sin, evil and death once and for all, and we will also live with him forever. That is the joy which underpins the whole Christian life.
But if you look at the liturgy for the dawn service, that loud Alleluia! The noise and the triumphant hymn do not actually mark the point at which the resurrection is announced. By this stage in the service the resurrection has already been proclaimed: quietly, with the lighting of the Easter candle in the darkness and the unaccompanied singing by one voice of the ancient Exsultet hymn. This mirrors Jesus’ resurrection in the night-time silence of a dark cave. His first resurrection appearances were small-scale and intimate, to Mary Magdalene in the garden or to small groups of his closest friends on the beach, on the road or in a closed upper room. No doubt the disciples and his other friends celebrated noisily later. But the moments of resurrection and of appearance were quiet instances of wonder.
I think that this initial quietness of resurrection is also true in our lives. Recovery from a long illness or from a period of sadness, depression or grief, or acceptance of new limitations of age or circumstance, often involve a moment when things very quietly change within us, something moves, and we know a quiet healing. There might still be a long way to travel, but something within us has changed irrevocably for the better. Resurrections often happen quietly: I wish you a peaceful, joyful Easter.

Rebecca Lloyd

Services Sunday 12th April.

8am: Holy Communion (BCP 1662) Sermon Rev Paul Collier
10am: Sung Parish Eucharist.Sermon Rev Peter Westwood.

Hymns and music
Processional Hymn:138  At the Lamb’s high feast we sing
Gradual Hymn:157  The day of resurrection
Offertory Hymn:278 Alleluia, Sing to Jesus
Setting:             Thorne Mass of St Thomas
Recessional Hymn:150  Love’s redeeming work is done
Voluntary: Karg-Elert Chorale Improvisation

 Services During the week.

Wednesday 8th and 15th 9.45am Prayer during the day.
Friday 10th April 2pm: Funeral Alistair William Hankey

Services on Sunday 19th April
8am:Holy Communion (BCP – 1662). Sermon: The Vicar
10am: Sung Parish Eucharist. Sermon: The Vicar

Services during the week of 19th April
Tuesday to Friday: 8.30am silent prayer; 8.45am Morning Prayer
Wednesday: 9.45am Holy Eucharist


General Election Hustings at St Stephen’s

For the constituency of Dulwich and West Norwood

Monday 20 April 2015, 8pm

St Stephen’s Church, College Rd, Dulwich SE21 7HN


Rathy Algaratnam (UKIP)
James Barber (Liberal Democrat)
Helen Hayes (Labour)
Resham Kotecha (Conservative)
Rashid Nix (Green)

More information: rebecca.j.lloyd5@gmail.com

This hustings is organised and hosted by St Stephen’s, we hope that church members of all the local churches will attend as well as everybody from our end of the constituency. Please help to publicise this event!

Annual meeting for St Stephen’s church on Sunday 26th April 2015 at 11.20am – At this meeting we will be electing church wardens, electing PCC members, receive reports on the activities of this church, receive the accounts for 2014, appoint sidespeople and we will have an opportunity to ask questions of the leadership of our church!








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