Welcome to the website of the parish church of St Stephen, South Dulwich in South East London, England. St Stephen’s is a parish church of the Church of England, and aims to be a broad and inclusive church valuing formal liturgy, challenging preaching, and fine music but aiming also to serve its community and parish.  We are striving to make Christ’s presence real in our community.

Our postal address is: St Stephen’s Church College Road SE21 7HN
Telephone: +44 20 (or from the UK 020) 8693 3797 E-mail: ParishOffice@ststephensdulwich.org

Thought for the week

HildegardOn Wednesday this week (17 September) the world-wide church commemorates St Hildegard of Bingen (1098 – 17 September 1179).  Hildegard’s massive contribution to medieval culture and politics has only recently come to prominence, partly because of an increased interest in finding women of history whose story had hitherto not been told by historians with a male mind-set.  As well as a religious figure Hildegard is also the earliest woman composer in Europe.  Her compositions have been recorded to great acclaim, it is ethereal medieval music that transports you into a distant even divine orbit.  But she was much more than a composer: she was a visionary, a mystic and fearless critic of her time.  She corresponded with Popes and Emperors, criticising their behaviour and in particular bankers (an occupation that was only in its infancy then) came in for sharp criticism for charging too much interest.  By modern standards she could be described as an ecologist and promoter of wholeness and healing: for Hildegard of Bingen the universe is like an egg in the womb of God.  Her view of the universe, conditioned as it is by her times and her education, represents her visionary understanding of God’s motherhood of this sphere that we call the universe.  Hers is a view that is organic and holistic, coloured neither by Greek philosophy nor Enlightenment rationalism, refreshing and strikingly “true” in its perceptions around the source of created life.  (In this illumination from the Rupertsberger Codex Hildegard is depicted as receiving a vision from God and dictating this to an astonished looking monk.

Bernhard Schünemann

Please stay for tea and coffee in the Hall after the 10am Parish Service.

Sunday, 14th September
8am: Holy Communion (BCP 1662)  Sermon: The Curate
10am Choral Parish Eucharist with Footsteps for children. Sermon: The Curate.

Music and hymns at 10am
Processional Hymn:    626   Ye holy angels bright
Gloria:                         Thorne Mass of St Thomas
Gradual Hymn:            148   Jesus lives! Thy terrors now
Offertory Hymn:          557   Praise to the Holiest in the height (Tune I)
Setting:                       Stanford Communion Service in B flat (Sanctus, Benedictus & Agnus Dei)
Anthem:                     Elgar O salutaris Hostia
Recessional Hymn:     375   Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
Voluntary:                   Salomé Grand Choeur

12noon Holy Baptism: James Louis George Rainbird (‘Jago’)

Services during the week

Tuesday to Friday:  8.30am: Silent Prayer followed at 8.45 by Morning Prayer
Wednesday:               9.45am: Holy Eucharist
Saturday:                    2pm: Wedding (Mandy Adogla & Tadija Popovic)

Sunday, 21st September
8am Holy Communion (BCP 1662)  Sermon: The Vicar
10am Sung Parish Eucharist. Sermon: The Vicar


We are very pleased to welcome back our choir on this first Sunday of their singing term!

We thank Martin Knight for the extremely successful parish walk last Sunday, it was much enjoyed by all participant walkers, walking and learning more about the geography of our parish.  Martin is looking into the possibility of offering another similar event in the near future.

Hazel Kimber wishes to thank all who helped her celebrate last Sunday!

We congratulate our Reader Trot Lavelle on the birth of her seventh grandchild ‘Jago’, born to Polly and Chris currently living in Jakarta Indonesia.

20th September – Ride + Stride – St Stephen’s will be one of the venues in the London-wide Ride and Stride mass bike ride and sightseeing day.  If you would like to volunteer for an hour or so on that day please see Martin Knight or one of the clergy.  -http://www.rideandstrideuk.org/ridestride-in-london/.

Harvest Festival Sunday 5th October – We will be celebrating our HARVEST FESTIVAL on Sunday 5 October.  As in years past we will be collecting harvest gifts to benefit users of the Southwark day Centre for Asylum Seekers (SDCAS) based at the Copleston Centre, a church in our Deanery.  Please bring mainly non-perishables and toiletries.

On Monday 22nd September our neighbouring parish of St Barnabas will be celebrating the induction of their new Vicar, The Revd John Watson, who has moved to Dulwich from Hereford with his wife and four children.  We pray for the parish of St Barnabas and their clergy team at this time.



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